Everything You Need to Know About Threadless Nipple Piercing Jewelry

Everything You Need to Know About Threadless Nipple Piercing Jewelry

Threadless Nipple Piercing Jewelry

NeoMetal threadless jewelry is one of the best choices for both new and healed nipple piercings. Featuring implant-grade, high polish titanium and sleek, and low-profile bezel-set faceted gems or cabochons. Threadless nipple jewelry is a safe and secure choice for nipple piercing.  

NeoMetal’s threadless nipple jewelry comes in three pieces as opposed to internally threaded jewelry, which usually has two.  

Why is this beneficial? First, it helps with downsizing. As with any initial piercing, the jewelry you are pierced with will have extra room to account for swelling tissue. After time, the swelling will subside, and your piercing will require a downsize, switching from a longer barbell to a shorter one. With an internally threaded nipple barbell, you will need to replace a larger portion of the jewelry, since one gem end is attached to the barbell. With threadless jewelry, both gem ends can be removed, and used with the new barbell. This means you keep your primary investment in the gems, as they are the most expensive part of the jewelry, and the barbell–the least expensive– is swapped out for a shorter length. 

Threadless Nipple Piercing JewelryAdditionally, as a piercer looking to stock their business, threadless jewelry makes it simpler and more cost effective to keep nipple jewelry in stock for a wide variety of unique anatomy. The only part of NeoMetal threadless nipple barbells that are anatomy specific are the barbells. This means a piercer can carry a larger variety of gem colors and styles, without worry about having each one available in every required length.  

Lastly, the three-piece design of NeoMetal threadless nipple jewelry means it is easier to switch up your look. Want to create some interesting dimension? Try our spear ends! Looking for some extra color? Try mismatched 4mm faceted side gems. Want something more subtle? Our 3mm cabochons have the perfect low-profile shine.  

NeoMetal threadless nipple barbells are designed with both safety and aesthetics in mind. Each decorative end features a gauge specific counterbore, ensuring the barbell meets the surface of the gem or ball with no gap. This creates a seamless connection from barbell to ball/gem end and prevents buildup of harmful bacteria. Another benefit of NeoMetal nipple bar gems is that instead of being a ball with a gem set into it, we designed the back of the gem to be flat. This allows the nipple bar to sit closer to the body which is more comfortable and lower profile. By resting flat against your areola both gems are more likely to face outward and not twist. 

Threadless Nipple Piercing Jewelry

High-quality jewelry positively affects healing new nipple piercings. The most popular materials for nipple jewelry are gold and titanium. Titanium is a great option for people that are more budget conscious and want to avoid the price tag associated with solid gold.  

It is best to look for implant certified titanium that meets the precise standards for metal quality as determined by the American Society for Testing and Materials Standard (ASTM) and the International Standards Organization (ISO). Implant certified, or implant-grade titanium is hypoallergenic, so it won’t cause irritation, allergy, or infection.  

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