NeoMetal's Guide to Threadless Circular Barbells

NeoMetal's Guide to Threadless Circular Barbells

Threadless circular barbells are finally a reality! Our circular barbells are unique not only in their design, but their function. Piercers and piercing lovers around the world are the most familiar with our threadless labrets, where the pin of a decorative end is inserted into a straight shaft. Threadless circular barbells require a different approach. This blog article will overview each of these bending techniques and overview what decorative ends we recommend pairing with our circular barbells.

We make circular barbells in 16ga and 14ga, in the internal diameters (IDs) 5/16”, 3/8”, 7/16”, and ½”, for use in septum piercings, and inner ear piercings like daiths. The process of bending threadless pins for use in circular barbells will vary but based on customer feedback and extensive internal testing, the following instructions are what we recommend.

For all IDs, start with inserting a straight pin into the barbell. In many cases, the curved shape of the circular paired with a straight pin will naturally create enough tension to hold the two pieces together.

If inserting a straight pin does not achieve the desired results, a slight bend in the direction of the curve may help. Do this by inserting 1/3 of the pin into the barbell and bending it in the same direction the circular barbell is curving.

In some cases, especially with smaller ID’s our two-bend technique is helpful. This technique, outlined in the graphic below, includes a bend at the 1/3 and ½ way point of the pin.

Circular barbells may require a double-bend technique. First, 1/3 of the pin inserted and then bend in the same direction as the circular barbell is curving. It might also require inserting the pin further and bending at the ½ point.


For our visual and auditory learners out there, check out this helpful video from Steve Joyner.


What threadless ends work best with Circular Barbells?

The universality of threadless jewelry means there are endless combinations available to create the perfect look for yourself or your client. Whether you are going for a classic look with some elegant titanium balls or something a little bit more sparkly, check out the graphic below for guidance!

How to use threadless circular barbells

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